About the ATV Club

Our Mission Statement: To provide a safe, well maintained place for  riders of all ages to enjoy while respecting our landowners and their property.

Goals – To manage our club focusing on the following key factors

  • Foster strong relationships with our landowners
  • Raise and manage funds to support quality trail care and expansion
  • Provide and promote safe and responsible trail use
  • Be a strong community partner

Our “Oakland” ATV club is compiled of members that share a major common interest. We all enjoy riding ATV’s. These awesome machines provide hours upon hours of enjoyment with family and friends. More importantly, we feel we need to work with landowners to regain their respect. In order to do so, we pledge to treat the land we ride on with care and ask that others who use our trails do so too!

Maine ATV clubs are based on groups of members that recognize the importance of supporting ATV riding in Maine. Our future in the great state of Maine is in desperate need of this support. Please join us or your local ATV club. They are depending on you.

Our meetings are generally the first Tuesday of each month, beginning in March. In 2019.  Members, potential new members and the public are welcome to come, talk and listen to hear what has been happening with the club.  Directions: from Kennedy Memorial Drive (KMD), headed towards the Korner Store, the school is on the right side after crossing the railroad tracks.