Iconic Wooden Bridge Destroyed

Trail master Dennis Moody reports that the Club’s longest wooden bridge was deliberately destroyed in the last few days. This bridge was dedicated to Dick Eastman who led our club for years at its completion. It is located in the section of trails that remain closed during the CMP construction over the last two years.

Moody and President Burns had recently visited the bridge in preparation to re-opening the trail. It was in need of repair, including two large support timbers and some cross planking. A temporary barricade was put across the bridge at both ends to prevent use. Moody states the bridge was very repairable.

The destruction appears to be from a chain saw or other device. Maine State Police and the Warden Service have been contacted and there is a suspect and witnesses. Moody was told it looked like “criminal mischief”, an offense that is chargeable. The Warden Service will be investigating further.

A view of the remains of the bridge.

The barriers at the bridge have been clearly marked with snow fence. The trail in both directions is closed but some people have used it. The President and trail master are considering next steps to either route around the bridge or to replace it with a new structure. The memorial sign has been recovered and is in storage. A work session will likely be needed to prepare the full length of trail for use before opening.

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